Float tube or kayak: how do you choose?

float tube et kayak de pêche

This question may already have crossed your mind. Visit choice from the boat for practice the lure fishing, this will depend on what you want to do and the posts you usually do. So we're going to look at what makes a good choice offloat tube or a kayak.

We will first see that some locations is more suitable for use with either product. We will then endeavour to list the various fishing techniques who will be more comfortable with a boat or the other.

Finally, we'll go on to look at the factors that can block the use of each of these products. And you'll see that price can be a determining factor in the choice of a product final decision of the product, available in our stock.

Freshwater or sea fishing?

Even if the choice does not boil down to these two possibilities, we do have a trend. The kayak will clearly be better suited to all aspects of the practice of open marine environment. It is compulsory to have a certified model for browse in these water. So you won't get any more choice than to use one of the kayaks available on our catalogues at stock.

For the practices being that they arefresh water or sea, the float tube may be more suitable, our article How do I choose my Float Tube ?, if you're looking for more information on this product, this could be the answer. The position more comfortable, you'll gain in stamina and be able to spend more time with your family long days on water. This will also make it easier to bring numerous canes à lures with you and multiply the fishing techniques from predator that you can practice.

To use a large lake, in the end, you can opt for both solutions. The advantage of kayak will come from its travel speed that you can almost wait for with a float tube if it is equipped with a electric drive. This is often the case for the largest models at Seven bass.

This leaves the case of rivers. It is essential to be well informed about the regulations so as not to put your boat in the water equipment even though this is forbidden. Visit float tube will still be the best choice, because positioning requires greater responsiveness of every moment, which only the latter can provide, particularly for the trout.

What fishing techniques ?

It is important to realise that kayaks will have a hull much more rigid and therefore more resistant In the face of the various elements that can damage it. This will make it easier to use, for example, in all rock-head locations or when practising in marshy areas.

It's also much better suited to dealing with swells. It can therefore be used for fishing offshore and to get behind waves from edge to help you fishing more calmly. Its ability to stay on course and regular speed also make it a great choice for practical trolling.

As we recalled in the previous paragraph, the float tube will be an ace at positioning you where you need to be. A few strokes of flippers and a few outings to learn how to use them will turn you into experts.

So you can easily be very efficient in your search for fish as the trout or the pike and black bass in fairly small areas and techniques. Don't neglect to inflate it, our articleHow do I inflate a float tube ? deals with the subject in depth, so you don't make any mistakes. This will be perfect for practising fly fishing or the search for other predator with lure techniques. Moreover fly marks like Orvis, Devaux, Outcast and De Charrette offer boats of this type as a product of their catalogue France.

Le float tube will also be one of boats preferred for fishing the catfish. Although it may seem risky at first sight, the advantage of this product is that it can be used in the following ways strong reactivity cannes in hand, so that you are always well positioned in the current according to the rushes of the predator in order to preserve its equipment and its physical appearance. You'll be much more effective than on a boat. Be careful, however, to choose a product a good length to gain stability.

What are the obstacles to using a float tube or kayak ?

For the kayaks, the first point that can prove to be a stumbling block is its price. It is a relatively expensive product, not least because it has to meet very precise standards to be used in sea at France.

Another point that should not be underestimated is the transport of the latter. First of all, there's the car part, which sometimes requires a trailer or at least a roof rack. And you'll also need to bring this equipment of a certain size weight and a good length on site to launch the boat. So many organisational points that will need to be taken into account in the time available to predator fishing.

The final point that needs to be taken into account is the stability of this type of boat. Even if it's designed so that you can practise your passion, you need to bear in mind that unforeseen events can happen. So you'll need to think carefully about attaching your equipment as its canes and its bags and opt for accessories at maximum floating like theLanding net.

Le float-tube will have other disadvantages that need to be taken into account before making a major investment. You need to bear in mind that this is a inflatable equipment. This can weight to punctures, but also to some risks once you are in the car action from fishing from predator. It also takes time to be ready to carry out your project inflation to the pump.

Even if there are models at all price points, to gain in security and in comfort, however, we always recommend a slightly top-of-the-range model, so as not to take any risks. Opt for a product is not necessarily a wise choice.

Finally, this practice requires the acquisition of a large number of accessories. Even if your sessions can take place without purchasing one, you will still need to purchase a Landing net from Devaux for example from Outcast, and flippers, a pump and waders. This is essential to practice but you'll be tempted by the seven bass rod holder, , the anchor or the sounder to stay on course. Visit weight it's easy to see why it's so important to have a total of these forwarded to you.

As you will have realised, there is no good choice or bad choice. Apart from the regulation of sea navigation which imposes the choice from kayak, aspects techniques will depend solely on your own use. Once you've got past the price, you'll undoubtedly be able to enjoy yourself and your fish very quickly, with new sensations that you should quickly fall in love with.

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