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There are many different types of tackle on the market for predator fishing. Whether spinning or casting, they all have their own characteristics. Some techniques require the purchase of certain sets for optimum performance. How to choose your tackle.


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What sets them apart..

Casting sets

Casting set are one of a range of rigs suitable for predator fishing. These are characterised by a reel with a fixed spool on top of the rod. Particularly used for high-density lure fishing, there are also sets for light lures (known as Baitfiness). They often have a large power reserve and provide optimum fishing comfort with large lures.

Spinning sets

Spinning sets are the most commonly used. With their spinning reels, there are sets of all powers. From ultra light to big big bait, spinning sets are easy to use and accessible to everyone. Often more sensitive than casting sets on small lures, spinning sets are particularly popular for perch and zander fishing.

How do you choose a set?

You choose your set according to the technique and lures you want to use. You need to know which lures you want to use, in what circumstances and for which species.

For example: When fishing for black bass with a rubber jig, it's a good idea to choose a casting set in a power range that matches the weight you're going to use. In addition, casting sets will allow you to place your lure on the water with the greatest discretion and keep a large reserve of power to get your catch out of obstacles.

For perch fishing with small lures, spinning rigs are often the best choice, although Baitfiness rigs are becoming increasingly popular.

Baitfiness sets are casting sets for light lures. They allow you to fish faster than with a spinning set while maintaining optimum control over the lure.

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