Predator chatterbait

Versatility personified! The chatterbait is a highly effective lure for predators. Thanks to the metal "bib" at the front of the jig head, it generates very strong vibrations and bounces off obstacles.


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How do you use it?

With its silicone skirt and metal lip, this is a mix between a spinnerbait and a rubber jig. This means it can be used in congested environments thanks to its ability to bounce off obstacles.

The chatterbait is a very versatile lure appreciated by all predators. It is particularly effective on pike, black bass and catfish. As a result, there are different models to suit each of these species.

The from Fox Rage has been cleverly designed with adapted weights to withstand the strength of pike. For black bass, the chatterbait from Gunki will be lighter and more suitable for smaller trailers.

Once you've chosen your chatterbait model, all you have to do is throw it in the water! It's a formidable weapon to have in your tackle box.

Which trailer?

The chatterbait is similar to a rubber jig. Like its cousin, it needs a trailer to maximise its effectiveness. The choice is yours! Finess, shad or grub - the choice is yours!

Some heavier chatterbaits with larger hooks are better suited to a shad or grub. Whereas a chatterbait designed for black bass fishing will more easily tolerate a finess.

Here are a few examples of trailers for pike: the from Strike King or the from Delalande.

For black bass: the from Strike King from Lake Forkthe from Lake Fork. Above all, don't forget to do your own fishing by testing what you find consistent and effective.