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Particularly clever and aggressive, predators are far from easy to catch. Fortunately, with the right accessories, such as the predator spinnerbaits you'll find in our catalogue, pike, pike-perch and other predator fish will quickly find their way into your fishing basket.


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Carnivorous spinnerbaits for all angler profiles

At Leurre De La Pêche, our catalogue of fishing accessories includes products from the top brands. And the predator spinnerbait category is no exception.

For example, you'll find solid, versatile models at Savage Gear Da'Bush. Made from stainless steel, these lures for predators can easily slip into the deepest retreat areas of predators, thanks in particular to their instant spin function. You'll also find spinnerbaits for predators made by Strike King, such as the Mini King and Micro King, which allow you to manoeuvre easily at shallow depths to hook black bass, for example. We also offer carnivorous spinnerbaits from Sakura, Daiwa, Volkien and Booyah. At Leurre De La Pêche, you're bound to find the spinnerbait lure for predators that suits your style of fishing.

What type of predator are you fishing for? We've got the lures you need!

Our aim is to help you get the best equipment so that your fishing trips are always successful. That's why, as well as spinnerbaits for predators that like to hide away in nooks and crannies, we also offer other types of lure. Our range includes metal jigs for predators, spinners for predators and shad lures for predators. With these lures, you can easily catch catfish, pike or black bass.