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Fishing for predators requires a wide variety of lures. Lures for predators usually imitate a fish, as in the case of hard bait. Swimbaits for predators come in different sizes to match the size and shape of the prey of different predators: pike, perch, black bass, catfish, pike-perch..


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Hard bait Illex TN 38
Hard bait Illex TN 38

Hard bait Illex TN 38

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The hard bait, a fish-shaped lure

As the name suggests, most swimming fish imitate a fish. However, some imitate crayfish, rats, snakes, etc. Others even play on the type of fish to be imitated. All have the same aim: to attract predators. To do this, each hard bait has to be attractive by imitating prey or by arousing the aggressiveness of predators.

There are hard lures that generate vibrations, are more or less brightly coloured and shiny, balls with a more or less low-pitched sound, and so on. All these features can be used to whet a fish's appetite and trigger attacks.

How to choose your hard bait for carnivorous fish?

With the wide range of swimming fish available, it can be difficult to make a choice. These days, swimming fish come in an impressive number of variations to appeal to anglers and fish alike. Shapes, colours, swimming depths and balls are all parameters to be taken into account when choosing your hard bait.

First of all, adapt the swimming depth of your hard bait according to the spots you want to fish so that it doesn't swim too high in the water. The size of your lure should correspond to the size of the prey available. As for the colours and sound of the balls, it's up to you to analyse what works best.

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