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Discover our casting rods at the best price for black bass, pike-perch and all other predators in freshwater or at sea! This model of fishing rods for carnivorous fish is the expression of a different way of fishing, originating in both the United States and Japan.

Casting reel upwards, a different grip or even a more powerful action, many things change for the angler who discovers the casting technique.

Many brands have created their own range of rods to respond to the diversity of situations. Anglers equipped with these rods you can turn to pike, perch, sea bass and even more aggressive fish in the sea. Some manufacturers are even renowned for the quality of their products.

These include Major Craft or Illex Night Shadows which have just been released, or the Casting rod Gunki Iron. Some brands, particularly American, have made it their speciality. St Croix casting rods have thus become a benchmark for all anglers who use the casting fishing.

The various fishing techniques existing models have also led manufacturers to come up with a wide range of rods with very different specifications. These include the length, the quality of the rings and their diameter. The blank construction of this rod fishing and the carbon content will also play a very important role.

A Casting rod Illex MH FG Cranking will be made of fibreglass to ensure flexibility and vibration damping. Meanwhile, a rod casting Daiwa Tatula 702 MHFB will be much more at ease propelling and animating soft lures and swimming fish.

What is a rod fishing casting?

pecheur avec canne à pêche casting

A rod Casting is made up of a set of components for casting and animating your chosen lures. They are generally made up of a carbon or fibre blank, a handle with a reel seat and rings for sliding your line body. It's the combination of these three elements that makes up a lure Casting rod for predator fishing.

The main difference with a rod at first glance, the most important part of a spinning reel is the reel seat. It features a small ergo called a trigger. It allows you to fish with a casting reel while still being able to properly clamp the rod, both in the animations and in the throwing phases.

Other points are also worth noting. The rings are generally turned upwards and there are more of them. This makes the blank work differently and gives you more power.

It is easier to choose a Casting rod for higher power ranges. They are therefore better suited to heavier techniques and should be chosen first and foremost for big bait fishing.

Lastly, and perhaps most subtly, casting is a bit of a fad, a different way of approaching our favourite sport. It's about getting away from what you know. Learning how to place a lure delicately on the surface of the water or pitching a craw under the foliage. You can fish with one hand and get closer to the American and Japanese experts who have been mastering these techniques for decades.

The different brands of rod

les marques de cannes castingCast fishing has conquered just about everyone, and has prompted manufacturers from all over the world to produce different models. You'll find American, Japanese and European models with fairly similar characteristics. The major groups from all these countries are present on the French market. So you'll find hundreds of variations.

Americans have developed a huge variety of products. Some of today's legendary brands were created decades ago through development and vision. St Croix casting rods are the benchmark, often winning quality competitions in the USA.

It is displayed alongside other major brands such as Powell, , Dobyns or 13fishing. You'll generally be faced with popular, often inexpensive rods, most of which are very comfortable with the techniques practised there.

Japan also has a wealth of expertise, not least in terms of technology. The country of the rising sun has been at the origin of many innovations, and the greatest developments in blanks and their action have come from there. We all remember the Mitsubishi blank or the latest Toray development.

rods Illex are just some of the recognised brands alongside prenium brands such as Evergreen, Megabass or even Deps. Note that the last Illex Night Shadows brings a new level of technical sophistication, as does the latest Casting rod Daiwa Tatula 702mhfbaf.

Europe has been slower to develop, with a pronounced love of spinning. However, new brands have emerged, including Gunki and its Iron T Chooten models. The Casting rod Gunki Skyward, Gunki Squad or the rod Casting Gunki Iron.

How to choose your rod Casting ?

This is a vast subject that requires careful thought before you make your purchase. There are a number of questions to ask if you want to choose the right range of casting rods for your fishing techniques.

Length is a determining factor. The longer your rod the longer it is, the further you'll be able to cast. To cast from the shore, it is easier to choose a rod long.

The size will tend to be reduced for float tube fishing, for example. A Casting rod Illex could be a good choice, as the range is wide and very specific.

The power range is there to help you choose the lures you want to use. If you want to fish with a fine casting action, you'll be better off with a rod Iron T Chooten in ML or a Casting rod illex Night Shadows Docile. Big Bait, on the other hand, will take you more towards the higher ranges, which can be found on one of the rod Prorex XR.

The action of the rod is just as important. Between an extra fast and a regular, there are many variations to suit your technique and be as effective as possible. For example, a Casting rod Illex MH FG Cranking will enhance your crankbait animations. A Casting rod Skyward will be better able to send you the information you need thanks to the transmission of information from soft lures on jig head.

As you can see, there are many features, and within these few facts and figures, there are still many subtleties to which we can dwell.

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