Which reel for pike?

moulinet pêche carnassier

Pike is clearly one of the most popular species in our country, it requires a very high level of carnivorous fishing adapted to its characteristics, as is the case for the pike-perch and the catfish for example.

Virtually every brand today offers a range dedicated to this fishing whether at the giants such as Daiwa or smaller brands.

This noble predator is regularly capable of exceeding one metre in length, so you'll need equipment including a reel with a certain strength, of resistance and fluidity thanks to good bearings

Depending on the price you are prepared to pay, you will benefit from lightness more comfortable ratio and a capacity more suitable, distances throws all in all, you'll have better performances

Rest assured, today's brands are able to offer very aggressive prices while incorporating a large number of innovative features technologies that make these entry-level products sure values that will work as they should and that we couldn't have aspired to just a few years ago.

The big question is, are you going to start with a spinning reel or to casting reels which are very popular with many fishermen ? So that you can make the best possible choice, we're going to enlighten you with a selection of the best reels in both categories, aimed at esox stalking.

Spinning reels, the safe bet

Quite simply, these are the best-selling models in France. They're the safest choice, and the most suitable for beginners because they're so easy to use, but also because of the number of low-cost products available on the market.

A spinning mill differs from its casting counterpart in a number of ways diameter from braid or superior nylon, or use the same diameter but in larger quantities.

This feature can be useful if you need to launch a new product long distances in rivers, Great Lakes, etc.

Our catalogue has many references and it can be difficult to make a choice as a beginner, but also for experienced anglers! So we've put together a small selection to give you some ideas of good reels. Of course, you shouldn't stop at this list, which is just an example.

The SG4 from Savage Gear

There's something for every budget and every level. Let's start with the most affordable on our list, the SG4 from Savage Gear.

Available in sizes from 1000 to 4000, you'll be dealing with a top-quality product that you'd never suspect is being offered at a price of 'only' 69.90 euros.

The brand's determination to meet the fishermen is really felt, the composite frame and rotor provide impeccable strength and a fairly impressive lightness of 200g for the smallest model and no more than 255 grams for the biggest.

It will be particularly resistant to corrosion, this can be a significant advantage for some people.

The Ninja LT 2023 from Daiwa

Le spinning reel Ninja LT 2023 is an excellent choice for pike fishing, thanks to its balance of lightness, robustness and an effective braking system.

le moulinet ninja lt 2023 de chez Daiwa parfait pour la pêche du brochet

Find out more about the Ninja LT 2023

It offers good line capacity for long distance casting and fighting big pike, while having a smooth spin and fluid retrieve thanks to its quality bearings.

What's more, its value for money makes it accessible to everyone, from beginners to experienced anglers, who are looking for quality equipment without spending too much. As one of the Japanese giant's latest products, we can't recommend it highly enough.

The ultegra FC from Shimano

The second product in our selection is the famous and very popular Ultegra FC from Shimano. Also available in a wide range of versions, for just 134.95 euros you can expect a product that is almost beyond reproach.

The sober, elegant design matches the high level of technology that the Japanese brand has pampered.

Let's talk about technologies, the Hagane Gear will provide you with more resistant gears, while the micromodule II will round out the gearing a little, giving you smooth, flexible rotation. The X Protect is also present, greatly limiting water ingress into the gear built, you will clearly gain in longevity.

What more can I say except that this reel is the companion of thousands of fishermen for many years, and this new version is no exception.

The benchmark for pike: the Vanford

Finally, at the top end of the market, but still at a reasonable price of 214.95 euros, the Vanford de Shimano, this is the best compromise between the Ultegra and the Stella at over 700 euros.

Replacing the Stradic, this mill was a hit, becoming one of the Japanese brand's benchmarks.

It offers a rotor the Magnumlite system has been incorporated to make it extremely lightweight without reducing its strength. This system features a new rotor design that reduces inertia by 14% while increasing overall rigidity by 30%, making it one of the lightest mills on the market at an unbeatable price.

The brand's other renowned technologies are also present. Micromodule II and silentdrive for excellent sound quality fluidity and a precision surgical, while benefiting from Hagane and X-Ship gears for power when you need it.

The X Protect has been positioned on both the roller and the frame to ensure a watertight seal. This makes it compatible for use in both fresh and salt water.

The Abu Garcia Zenon MG X for demanding anglers

Le spinning reel Abu Garcia Zenon MG X is a top-of-the-range product with advanced technical features. It has a magnesium frame, making it both light and strong.

Find out more about the Zenon MG X

Its carbon drag system offers precise and consistent resistance, essential for fighting powerful fish such as pike. What's more, with its stainless steel bearings, this reel delivers smooth, long-lasting performance.

These technical features underline its positioning in the top-of-the-range segment, perfectly suited to demanding anglers looking for excellence in terms of quality and performance. You can rely on the expertise of one of the world's leading fishing brands.

Casting reels, the innovative choice

A few years ago, this type of mill was not suitable for fish of our European waters and was more focused on the American continent.

Today, those days are gone, and more and more brands are offering products that are fully adapted to our practices, in response to the ever-growing craze in our country.

Even so, we're now going to offer you three models to suit all budgets, to guide you towards the best solutions on the market.

The Max X Low Profile from Abu Garcia, a perfect entry-level model

Our first choice is Abu Garcia's Max X Low Profile, just released at the end of 2022, and offering a solid base from which to discover the sensations offered by this type of equipment at the very affordable price of 69.90 euros.

moulinet casting abu garcia

Despite the low price, the brand hasn't really abandoned the technological side, and you'll enjoy 4 stainless steel bearings + 1 roller bearing, Duragear brass gears, a machined aluminium spool, a Power Disk brake system and a MagTrax magnetic brake. With all this, you'll be ready to face any situation and respond with comfort.

The SLX A 151, all the technologies Shimano at an affordable price

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced angler, there's something for everyone. If you've been dreaming of access to the latest technology from one of the world's leading fishing brands, then you've come to the right place, thanks to Shimano. 

le moulinet casting SLX A 151 de chez Shimano

See more on SLX A 151 from Shimano

The casting reel Shimano SLX A 151 is distinguished by its VBS system, a variable braking system that optimises casting control. Its sturdy alloy construction ensures strength and durability, even under high tension.

Its gears are designed for a smooth retrieve, while still offering the strength needed to catch big fish. This reel skilfully combines advanced technology and reliability, making it ideal for fishing techniques where precision and robustness are key. It's a very solid choice.

The W4 BC MSG Metallic Trooper, the first reel, the first success for Westin

This is it, Westin starts producing reels! And it's a real success. Style, cutting-edge features and reliability - it's all there for anglers to enjoy.

Moulinet casting w4 westin

See the W4 BC MSG Metallic Trooper from Westin

The casting reel W4 BC MSG Metallic Trooper from Westin, the 201 combines power, style and performance. Designed for pike and black bass fishing, it is compatible with a variety of lures.

This robust model features a one-piece aluminium frame and technologies such as the internal centrifugal braking system and Fast Line Connector for smooth operation. It offers a range of gear ratios to suit a variety of fishing styles, and is available in a range of sizes and for left- or right-handed anglers.

An inexpensive American reel: the Concept A2 from 13 Fishing

Second on the list, the American A2 concept 13 Fishing. Its sophisticated design is sure to seduce anyone who sets eyes on it. But that's just the tip of the iceberg, because what's under the bonnet is well worth a look.

moulinet casting 13 fishing

For a price of just 219 euros, you can look forward to incredible potential thanks to a host of innovative, state-of-the-art technologies. Its watchword is versatility, it will be able to cast lures from 10 to 120g with ease.

The brand has also increased its wire capacity, the result is an above-average long-range cast. It's a safe bet that will convince you of its effectiveness in a wide range of fishing situations, from perch to pike.

The Antares, a top-of-the-range design by Shimano

Finally, the icing on the cake, the Antares de Shimano, at 519.95 euros, it won't be for everyone.

This jewel of technology brings with it the best of what we do, quite simply.

It is highly versatile and can be used across a wide power range. Capable of searching for the pole, the Bass, the pike-perch and the pike, it will be the perfect ally to install on a rod any MH or even H property.

This is thanks in part to its MGL technology, which gives it excellent durability and truly impressive casting distances. The brand has succeeded in eliminating the slightest vibration when casting, which plays a huge part in ensuring undeniable comfort.

And that's not all, as it features a unique asymmetrical design for excellent grip. The frame is extremely strong, thanks to its aluminium-based design, ensuring fearless battles with powerful fish.

The Calcutta Conquest BFS 2023, another equally effective solution

Le moulinet casting BFS Calcutta Shimano

View the Calcutta Conquest BFS 2023 of Shimano

The Shimano Calcutta Conquest BFS 2023 is a casting reel top of the range, lightweight (195g) and ideal for finesse fishing. Its magnumlite spool guarantees lightness and fluidity when casting. Featuring a modern design, this model offers a high ratio of 8.9:1 for a fast retrieve (81cm per crank revolution), ideal for power fishing.

Perfect for bass, perch, trout and of course pike fishing, it offers excellent fluidity and is ideal for casting light lures. Its compact size ensures comfort and manoeuvrability. It features X Ship and Silent Tun technology, with a left-hand crank. A highly effective and versatile choice that lets you do it all.

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