Deep-sea fishing leaders

Like all fishing techniques, coarse fishing requires the right tackle. In this category, you'll find all the fishing lines you need to make leaders for big game fishing. The fishing lines used are available in several diameters and different spool sizes to meet your every need.


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Fluorocarbon, the fishing line dedicated to leaders for big game fishing

Fishing leaders for big fish at sea are most often made from fluorocarbon. This fishing line has very little elasticity and a refractive index very close to that of water. This makes fluorocarbon the most discreet and invisible fishing line in the water.

It is also very strong and available in a wide range of diameters. It can therefore be used for a variety of rigs. For strong rigs, fluorocarbon can be knotted or held in place with sleeves.

Small spools of fishing line for rigs wherever you are

Even for big game fishing, small spools are useful! When it comes to designing leaders, there's no need for spools several hundred metres long. Small 50m fluorocarbon spools are very useful for making a fishing leader. They're easy to store and don't take up space in your bags and bakkans. So you can make your fishing leaders with ease or prepare them in advance at home.

Fluorocarbons are constantly evolving. They are increasingly strong and flexible, making them easy to rig and very discreet when fishing for educated fish