Set of Soft Lures Delalande Special Pike

Delalande Set of Soft Lures Delalande Special Pike

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Special Pike Soft Lures set from Delalande, available in a single format containing 12 lures and 4 weight heads.

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Delalande offers this special Pike soft bait box that will delight all anglers looking to stalk this predator.

You'll be immediately equipped with all the tackle you need for this type of fishing, so all you have to do is set up your rigs and head out to your favourite fishing spot!

Don't be in any doubt and be sure of your choice thanks to this selection specially chosen by one of the best French fishing brands and its team of professionals, so you can maximise your performance with cutting-edge equipment.

This kit includes

  • 2 weight heads 7gr
  • 2 10g weight heads
  • 2 Sandra 12cm
  • 2 Speed Factor 13cm
  • 1 Speed Factor 10,5cm
  • 1 Sea Pike 14cm
  • 1 Dj line 12cm
  • 1 Shad GT 11cm
  • 1 Shad GT 13cm
  • 1 Miss Shad 10cm
  • 1 Fury Shad 11cm
  • 1 Sculpin 9cm

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