Yuki Competition

Yuki Competition is a company that has been producing top-quality fishing tackle since 1993. The brand is actually part of the Artfishing group S.L., created by Leonel Pereira, a childhood lover of sport fishing who made his dream come true by turning his passion into a way of life. The group includes such exceptional brands as Seaguar (inventor and world leader in fluorocarbon sales) and Sasame, one of the most prestigious hook brands in the world...

Yuki Competiton is above all a range of braids, fluorocarbon and exceptional nylon, with the highest quality from Japan. Today, the brand is distributed in over 45 countries thanks to the recognition it has received from anglers around the world.

It's a brand that's constantly researching and innovating the equipment it produces. The team of professional anglers and the teams of engineers are constantly working together to offer ever more effective equipment that constantly surpasses the limits of technology.

Yuki Competition it's also a record of success at the various world championships (13 world championships in the last 10 years), a guarantee of the quality of each of the brand's products, which is how their reputation has been forged.

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