Float Tube Black Friday

What condition is your float tube in? It might be time to take a closer look... Black Friday is announcing some superb offers on belly boats and their essential accessories!

Many brands are taking part, to our delight and yours. And don't forget to pay in instalments to take advantage of the special offer before it expires.


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Electric motor Rhino VX 54
Electric motor Rhino VX 54

Electric motor Rhino VX 54

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Discounts on float tube fishing

If you're a fan of float tube fishing or would like to try out this new way of fishing, Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to try it out without breaking the bank. These days, even the biggest float tubes are more than reasonably sized to make them easier to transport from the car to the water. Take advantage of 90% of our products in stock (even with float tubes) for dispatch within 24 hours and fast delivery.

Trade in your old Fish Cat or Cargo fltb for the new Savage Gear float with removable panniers, ideal for preparing your lures in advance and being organised at the water's edge.

Whether you're into street fishing or fishing in the great outdoors, float tube fishing adds a new dimension to your public or private fishing spots.

Renew or discover float tube fishing without breaking the bank by taking advantage of low prices and free delivery!

The biggest brands of float tubes on sale

Seven Bass Rapala, Illex, Sparrow, ... Our wide range of float tubes is aimed at all anglers in France and Europe. In pvc or with inner tubes, there's something to suit every budget. Savage Gear

Take advantage of these low prices to try out tubeless float tubes, which are stronger and glide more smoothly over the water. All types of float tube are available: tubeless, tubed and flatform for pike, catfish and black bass.

You'll also find a full range of accessories for float fishing:

  • fins
  • rod holders
  • fish finder
  • motor
  • waders
  • pannier
  • pump

To help you choose the right product, take a look at our customer reviews for each float tube. A good purchase is a well-considered purchase!

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