Lure Illex Tricoroll 55 F

Illex Lure Illex Tricoroll 55 F

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Tricoroll 55 F lure from Illex, 5 cm long and weighing 2.9g.

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Combinations Reference Colours Price Quantity
Lure Illex Tricoroll 55 F

Reference : LDLP-5096-21979

Colours : Blue Yamame


Blue Yamame

Lure Illex Tricoroll 55 F

Reference : LDLP-5096-21980

Colours : Ghost Bone Yamame


Ghost Bone Yamame

Lure Illex Tricoroll 55 F

Reference : LDLP-5096-21981

Colours : NF Goldy Trout


NF Goldy Trout

Lure Illex Tricoroll 55 F

Reference : LDLP-5096-21982

Colours : Red & Yellow Yamame


Red & Yellow Yamame

Lure Illex Tricoroll 55 F

Reference : LDLP-5096-21983

Colours : Crazy Yamame


Crazy Yamame

Lure Illex Tricoroll 55 F

Reference : LDLP-5096-21984

Colours : Gold Yamame


Gold Yamame



The Tricoroll is our favourite. This small minnow has been specially developed for whitewater trout fishing, with all the essential characteristics and attractive qualities to become the new benchmark for ultra-light lures. Realism with a perfect finish Its body is adapted and perfectly balanced for a good hold in currents. * Four densities to choose from: "F" for floating, this version lets you let your lure drift with the current without the risk of snagging on dense vegetation or overcrowded spots or when the bottom is not very deep. "SP for suspending" this version is very effective in slow moving rivers when the predators are under the schools of fry. the "s" for sinking and the "HW" for heavy weight for fast casting provide precision casting and insistence on the target. A rolling action, its roll is just as deadly on a slow or fast retrieve as it is on a descent, its flat sides oscillating and shimmering at the slightest touch. Very easy to twitch or jerk, it imitates perfectly the forage fish of lakes or rivers.

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