Target Baits

The brand Target Baits originates from Canada. Its first aim was to create a website to offer lures of their own design, without going through the generalist brands on the market.

On the strength of their success across the Atlantic, with quite different varieties of lures, the brand has been exported all over the world to meet anglers and provide them with real efficiency at the water's edge.

In the UK, the USA and France, the brand has developed around a unique website. The brand's growing success has prompted decision-makers to use our online shop to give the brand even greater visibility.

To begin with, you'll find the soft lures that have made Target Baits's reputation. You'll be able to count on tried and tested actions that will also offer you something new, a far cry from the copies you regularly come across.

As the months go by, you'll discover new products. The catalogue is regularly enriched with small accessories, as well as weight heads and a new range of soft lures.

This is your chance to discover a whole new world, this time not from the USA or Japan, but from Canada.


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