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Rhino Fishing is a brand specialising in navigation for fishing. It offers electric motors adapted to every type of boat. From rowboats to float tubes and inflatable boats. There's a motor to suit every size.

What's more, Rhino Fishing's main aim is to offer robust products at the lowest prices on the market.

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Electric motor Rhino VX 54
Electric motor Rhino VX 54

Electric motor Rhino VX 54

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A motor for your boat..

All boats may one day need an electric motor. Whether it's for the fishing comfort it can provide or to reach new fishing grounds, electric motors are definitely useful. Lighter than an internal combustion engine, they're also much cheaper.

Rhino Fishing electric motors bring mobility and versatility to your boat. Available in a range of power ratings, from 18 lbs to 70 lbs, you'll find an electric motor for every type of boat.

What's more, the range developed by Rhino Fishing includes motors with different shaft sizes for navigating shallower or deeper waters.

A motor for your float-tube..

When your fishing spot is large or the river has a current, you can fit your float tube with a motor. Rhino Fishing offers 2 motors for this purpose:

  • the electric motor
  • the electric motor

Both have a 60cm shaft. A short shaft allows for greater manoeuvrability and ease of installation on a float tube. Their power of 18 and 24 lbs is more than enough to push a float tube. What's more, they weigh just 2.4 and 3.6kg each. So they're easy to transport, allowing you to get your float tube out of the water without much difficulty.