Lake Fork

This American brand offers quality products through the Florida Fields company, which distributes them in France. Based in Emory, Texas, just a few miles from the legendary Lake Fork, the Lake Fork Bait and Tackle brand was created by Marc Pack, an American professional angler who is often seen on the FLW circuit. He has used his 20 years' experience as a professional guide on Lake Fork and his 10 years fishing on the pro circuit to develop attractive lures. Made in the USA and bursting with garlic and salts, Lake Fork lures stand out for their original designs, highly competitive prices and formidable effectiveness. We work closely with Lake Fork Tackle to develop lures specifically for France, including the Live Magic Shad Fire Perch, which is not available in any other country.


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Soft Bait Lake Fork Frog 4''
Soft Bait Lake Fork Frog 4''

Soft Bait Lake Fork Frog 4''

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