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There are many reel brands in the fishing world. Lew's is one of them. Straight from the USA, Lew 's reels, sometimes mistakenly called Lewis, have forged themselves a very good image in the minds of black bass and pike anglers. Resistance, precision, fluidity, modern design at very affordable prices.


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Lew's, innovative reels

Founded in 1949 by Lew Childre, the brand has been constantly innovating ever since. It was the brand that brought the first low-profile, teardrop-shaped casting reels to market around the 1970s. More ergonomic, with a narrower spool and a free line guide, the first steps of this model were not easy at a time when the round profile was the rule.

The Lew's brand has spawned a number of innovations, some of which have been adopted by other brands:

  • The Speed Dial: a line indicator placed on the friction brake cap.
  • Speed Keeper: removable lure hook.
  • Winn Grip: anti-slip system on reel knobs and rod handles.

High-performance spinning and casting reels to suit all budgets

Lure fishing is generally a more expensive fishing technique. But it's possible to get the right equipment on a tight budget. From €59.99 to €349.99, you're bound to find a reel to suit your needs and budget.

Lew's reels are designed for bass and pike fishing, so you'll find reels with the weight and power to suit different techniques. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, these are reels whose various brakes can be precisely adjusted to optimise the quality of your casts and keep you in control of your battles.