St Croix

St Croix is an American brand of fishing rods renowned throughout the world, with numerous prestigious victories in competition both on paper and on the water . Owning a St Croix fishing rod is a dream for many anglers. It symbolises quality and every year shows its capacity for innovation at the various trade fairs where it is exhibited.

St Croix casting rods are the most recognised, thanks to their American origins. With series of more than 20 or 30 rods, you can take advantage of the know-how and be sure to quickly understand that the reputation of the rods is not overrated. The St croix Legend tournament or the St croix Mojo Bass range will be there to prove it.

The range of St Croix spinning rods is not to be outdone, with a wide choice of styles. They more regularly target fairly fine fishing with the St Croix legend elite series or rod st croix Legend Xtrem but also offer exclusives such as a st croix legend glass for crank fishing in spinning.

Finally, we'd like to turn our attention to fly rods. Less popular, they are nonetheless a reference for anglers across the Atlantic. These St Croix rods are made in the USA and have an impeccable finish for the most passionate of fly fishers. They are also the choice of many fishing guides.

As you can see, a rod St Croix is always a good choice for predator fishing. From the eyecon series to a slop n frog or a legend X, you're bound to find a model to suit your budget and your technique.

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St Croix casting rods

This is the most comprehensive range the brand has to offer. In fact, a rod fishing rod from St Croix will mainly be a casting model, due to its partly American origin and manufacture.

You'll be able to count on top-quality equipment to ensure an ideal glide and enhanced sensations with every use. The work on the blank and varnish is the added value that the brand offers on each of its models. The creation of exclusive carbon grips, incorporating resonance boxes and new materials, only serve to enhance the feel once in the hand.

For most anglers, a Casting rod St Croix is a st croix tournament. The recognisable blue and models perfectly suited to our market, such as the slop n frog, make this a series that already has a great reputation.

The St croix Mojo Bass series will also meet anglers' expectations. These include the swimbait for pike and the jerkbait which is an excellent rod all-rounder in MH powers. A little underestimated in terms of power, you should not hesitate to add 30% to the maximum power announced by the manufacturer. Here too, the reputation of these rods among French and European users is well established.

St Croix spinning rods

Here too, the St Croix range of spinning rods is a benchmark in the world of fishing. The capacity for innovation offered between each new series, or simply when the range is updated, is impressive. It's not for nothing that they're one of the most successful rod manufacturers at trade shows.

Some of the series are also well worth a look. These include the Legend X and Legend Xtrem, which have established the brand's reputation at the very top end of the range, often introducing all the new technologies that have been developed. The St Croix Legend elite is also in the same vein.

The St Croix tournament spinning series is the most popular, along with the mojo. You'll find some very well-known names, hinting at the reputation of a rod fishing rod. To name but a few, you'll find the wacky, the drop shot, the power spin and more recently the spinnerbait or the vertical jig. It's worth noting that the top-of-the-range St Croix models are made in the USA, while the less expensive models are made in Mexico.

The St Croix Eyecon and Bass X series should not be overlooked either. Less popular, they are nonetheless excellent products for perfecting certain techniques at a more attractive price, while benefiting from tried-and-tested technologies.

A small exception in the range is the st croix legend glass model, which makes it easy to manoeuvre crankbaits and other spinnerbaits when spinning.

New series are set to appear in the coming years in the st croix spinning range. The year 2022 will surely see the birth of the Victoria series to the delight of anglers, with new features and new ranges of use.

St Croix fly rods

These are clearly less well known on the French and European markets. However, St Croix fly rods are overshadowing the major brands, which have been established for many years and are of French design. It's a bit of a surprise that anglers have found it hard to turn to these series, despite their high quality.

We mustn't forget that the United States is a land of Black Bass fishing, of course, but also of trout fishing, particularly fly fishing. Entire generations of inland anglers have cut their teeth on rivers of varying widths, which are home to the famous rainbow trout in their natural state. The country also has salmon fishing grounds, as well as areas of brackish and salt water that are highly suitable for salmon fishing.

So you can easily rely on this brand's reputation, whether you're looking for salmonids or carnivorous fish in freshwater or at sea.

If you happen to work with fishing guides, you shouldn't be surprised to come across this brand, which is widely used by anglers on a daily basis.