A specialist in plastic boxes, Plano offers a wide range of high-quality products for a variety of uses. Products are available for fishing, hunting and medical purposes. Plano is the world leader in the fishing sector, thanks to its history and the multitude of tackle box models it offers.

You'll find everything from a tiny box for storing a few lures to very large boxes for easy storage of lures and accessories on a boat or in a room dedicated to your passion. Fishing boxes are also part of their field of expertise, with ever more complete and grandes.Vous series.

You'll also find useful products such as transport tubes to protect your rods when you're on the move, or bottles to soak your soft lures in attractant.


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Anglers need storage boxes to keep their tools and tackle safe. Storage solutions from Plano are some of the most effective options available today. They combine functionality and elegance to the delight of lure fishing enthusiasts.

Planofor more than twenty years, the specialist in plastic boxes for fishing

Plano is an American brand that has been developing storage solutions for fishing activities for over 60 years. It is recognised worldwide for its constant innovation and the great care it takes in creating its professional-quality products. Plano boxes are primarily designed to hold lures. They feature several compartments (some of which are modular) to enable users to store their tackle in a precise order. Their high-performance closing mechanism also minimises moisture penetration. In addition to lure storage, some Plano storage boxes also have compartments for storing small items: braid bottles, reels, line remover, etc

A vast collection of storage boxes for different needs

Plano plastic boxes come in a multitude of configurations and are standardised in 4 sizes: 3700 Series, 3600 Series, 3500 Series and 3400 Series. The brand's catalogue includes double-sided storage boxes, storage boxes with inclined storage compartments and transparent storage boxes. There are also storage boxes in suitcase form. Depending on the model, up to 104 storage compartments are available. And there's a choice of colours to suit all tastes.