Storage box Plano Custom Divider StowAway 3600

Plano Storage box Plano Custom Divider StowAway 3600

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Custom Divider StowAway storage box from Plano, size 27.9cm x 18.4cm x 4.4cm.



TheCustom Divider StowAway 3600 storage box designed by the brand Plano is an excellent storage solution for your hard or soft lures of all sizes.

The Custom Divider allows maximum customisation of the compartments thanks to a large number of notches. What's more, unlike most tackle boxes, the Custom Divider allows you to separate the compartments at an angle. This feature maximises the space available in the box. The Custom Divider StowAway 3600 comes with 4 inclined dividers and 6 straight dividers.

Separating your soft lures prevents discolouration and the spread of corrosion. As for hard bait, these compartments keep them tangle-free. Made from transparent plastic, the Plano boxes make it easy to identify the contents.

  • 4 inclined dividers
  • 6 straight dividers
  • Customisable to accommodate different sized baits
  • Transparent for quick and easy identification of contents
  • Secure locking system

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