The brand Madcat was developed by the DAM group to distinguish their products for catfish fishing. Fishing equipment for stalking these fish requires considerable expertise and an almost unique know-how.

The result is a wide choice of reels, specific rods and a host of accessories that are essential to the life of the catfish angler. In keeping with the German spirit, all our products are incredibly durable and extensively tested before being put on the market.

The range of fishing rods comes in numerous models to offer every conceivable fishing technique. With several price levels, you're bound to find a model to suit your budget.

And there's no shortage of lures to choose from, including swimbaits, the all-important soft lures and teasers. They too have been designed to be particularly hard-wearing and long-lasting. The levels of finish are clearly up to the expectations of the most demanding anglers.

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The brand Madcat designs fishing products that stand out for their reliability and technical sophistication. Since catching catfish, a particularly skilful fish, requires a certain dexterity, Madcat fishing tackle will be a major asset for any catfish angler. Discover the Madcat equipment from Leurre de La Pêche!

Madcatreliable accessories for catfish fishing

On Leurre De La Pêche, we offer a range of lures Madcat. For example, the hard bait Madcat Inline Rattler or the Madcat A-Static-Rattlin catfish spoon are guaranteed to quickly attract the attention of catfish. You will also find various models of rod catfish in your fishing e-shop, which are flexible enough to withstand the movements of braid generated by the fish. The Madcat range also includes casting and spinning rods.

And because the brand is keen to provide catfish anglers with a complete range of tackle, we also offer Madcat braids. You'll also find innovative items such as Madcattouch sensors, Madcat float tubes for floating fishing and sturdy Madcat fishing gloves.

Fishing tackle from all brands

All the major brands of fishing tackle are represented here! In addition to Madcat equipment, you'll find fishing products from Daiwa, known for meeting the expectations of the most technical anglers. We also carry top-of-the-range lures, rods, reels and accessories from Evergreen, Illex and Megabass. Our catalogue also includes equipment from specialist brands such as X-Braid and its versatile braids, and Tenryu and its solid rods.

At Leurre de La Pêche, we supply fishing tackle to please every angler!