Who are we?

Leurre de la pêche is a shop specialising in the sale of fishing tackle and equipment run by a passionate man, Thomas Février. We also have a shop in Lesparre, 8 rue des rémouleurs, where you can buy your fishing tackle.

The creator's story

Like most of us, I started fishing on the banks of a lake in the Pyrenees, learning cork fishing under the watchful eye of my maternal grandfather. I wasn't much more than a few years old, and I was already putting a tremendous amount of effort into constantly observing the jerks of that little piece of wood.

Since then, I've never stopped being at the water's edge in my personal and professional life. It's always been necessary for me to be able to enjoy this passion, as a way of recharging my batteries, forgetting worries and clearing my head.

I've been lucky enough to meet some wonderful people on the water, men and women who have always made me want to go further, to understand what's going on underwater.

I dragged rods from 3 to 12m for white fishing, and then I started Quiver fishing....

Then my studies in fish farming took me to the Pyrenees once again, where I equipped myself with rods and a few spoons to discover ultra-light trout fishing.

It wasn't until I was a young adult that my passion for lure fishing really took off, with several months spent in Ireland surveying hundreds of lakes that had never been fished with a float tube, a pair of flippers, a waistcoat full of lures, a single rod and reel and a determination that has never left me.

It was on my return from this voyage of initiation that I promised myself that fishing would be one of the guiding principles of my life, and that's why today I'm offering you some of my certainties through my advice.

Our team

  • Thomas (advice, administrator)
  • Jean Philippe and Tim (stocks, expeditions)
  • Julien, Frédéric, Gabi, Louis, Pierre and Sylvain: equipment testers