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Are you one of the most demanding anglers when it comes to purchasing fishing equipment? Then you'll appreciate the care Penn in the manufacture of its fishing rods. Discover our selection of rods Penn.


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There are Penn rods to suit all fishing conditions

Penn these rods are designed to meet the needs of all types of angler. If you're looking for a rod rod that's as versatile as a braid as it is a single-piece rod and can be used to fish any river, then you've come to the right place Then look no further than Penn Regiment II Travel Boat rods. Comprising 5 sections, these travel rods are easy to handle thanks to their fine blanks.

Would you rather fish for tuna and other sea fish? The Battalion Inshore Drifting sea rods, designed with 1+1 sections and some carbon components, should do the trick. The Penn Legion Cat Gold RVR Monster rods are ideal for freshwater fishing. A top-of-the-range product, the Cat Gold RVR Monster features a robust frame.

Penna legendary brand for anglers

Launched by Otto Henze in 1932, Penn is an American brand whose reputation has been built on the SENATOR reel. Thanks to its excellent value for money, this reel helped make sport fishing popular throughout the world. Since then, the company has continued to improve its creations by selecting the best materials while guaranteeing ease of handling.

While the Penn rods are a perfect example of this constant improvement, the brand's reels are equally impressive. The Penn reels, from the Slammer III High Speed to the Battle III, guarantee remarkable retrieve and fluidity in all circumstances.