Toc Trout fishing rod

Tackle fishing is a fishing technique that has been practised for many years by our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. Among trout fishing rods, the toc rod is a must.

It has an adjustable reel seat to ensure it is in the best possible position in relation to the river or water vein. This way, you can adjust the length of your handle. These rods are quite long and are therefore constructed from several sections.

The trout jigging rod is a long rod with a tip action. Tackle fishing requires the use of a natural bait or nymph that you place in the water.


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Toc rod Daiwa Team Trout
Toc rod Daiwa Team Trout

Toc rod Daiwa Team Trout

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Lure fishing with worms or nymphs

Lure fishing is an effective fishing technique. However, worm fishing should not be overlooked. There's nothing like natural bait to fool even the wariest trout. Worm fishing is a natural way of fishing with a worm or nymph.

To do this, there are rods available for trout fishing. Depending on the model, these rods are long and have a tip action and numerous guides, ideal for maintaining maximum sensitivity and a good reserve of power to restrain trout in the current.

You can also use artificial nymphs for toc fishing. These nymphs imitate the insects or larvae that trout feed on.

Lobster fishing, a formidable method of trout fishing

Knock fishing is an old fishing technique used for trout. However, it is still formidable in all the rivers of France. The aim of this fishing technique is to use the current and its water veins to slip in a natural bait(earthworm) so that it reaches the trout's nose as naturally as possible.

Fishing with natural bait allows you to catch trout on courses where they are very busy and fearful. What's more, this fishing technique can be adapted to both small streams and large rivers, thanks to the wide range of rods developed for this type of fishing.

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