Choosing your trout fishing rod

Trout fishing can be done using a variety of different techniques. So you'll need specific models to suit your needs, such as a telescopic fishing rod or a trout rod with an internal line.

You can choose to fish with bait, lures or even a handled minnow. You'll be able to choose from a whole range of options, making your choice of trout fishing rods a challenge.

A number of models set the standard for your equipment:

  • Epic R Tele Adjustable
  • Telescopic rod Spro Trout Master
  • Spro Trout Master Tactical rod
  • Master Tactical Trout Compact
  • Master Tactical Trout Metalian
  • Garbolino Silverlight FI Versions
  • The inside line Garbolino Wild
  • The inside line Garbolino Aquila

Trout fishing is practised all over the world. From South Africa to British Columbia, from the rivers of Ireland to the mountains of New Zealand, you'll find fish of all shapes and sizes.

Numerous brands have emerged as a result. We can offer you products from all over the world, with undeniable quality in every country for the design and manufacture of trout fishing rods.

The hardest part will be choosing. You'll need to choose the right length, a fibreglass or carbon fibre model, as well as power and action. We're here to help you make the right choice, the one that's closest to your expectations, and make your fishing trips a pleasure.

Different techniques with different rods

When it comes to trout fishing, you'll need to choose a rod that's suited to the technique you're going to use or that you have to choose. The characteristics will then be very different. The two main types of rod are casting rods for trout and spinning rods for trout.

For ultra-light UL fishing, you'll need a trout rod that's generally chosen to suit the river. The smaller the rod, the shorter the model. This makes it easier to handle lures when casting and retrieving.

There is also a wide range of trout rods for fishing with natural baits. You can opt for take-apart rods for the most open areas and a telescopic fishing rod for the most crowded spots, or even a telescopic rod like the epic R tele Ajustable. Or a telescopic Spro Trout master.

Handling minnows is another technique, and here too the equipment differs. The length will vary according to the size of the river and you'll need to opt for a power seat. The strength of the current will have a direct impact on your choice.

There are many other ways to approach your trout fishing. We could of course mention fly fishing, but also frame fishing or the Tenkara. All of these approaches require very specific equipment.

Manufacturers from all horizons

Trout is a fish that can be found just about everywhere on the planet. There isn't a region in the world that doesn't have its own particular strain and coat. For centuries, this salmonid has been the subject of reflection for many anglers and, by extension, rod designers.

Manufacturers have developed in every country according to the fishing sectors they have encountered and to which they have had to adapt. Small rivers in France and Japan led to the production of fibreglass rods for spoon fishing.

Garbolino Spro or Illex offer comprehensive ranges to meet these needs, while also offering specific models for other fishing techniques, such as the master Tactical Trout compact.

Meanwhile, the wide-open spaces of America have led to the development of large rods for fly fishing and lure fishing. These include big names like St Croix or Sage and Orvis, who dominate the market with their extensive catalogue.

Making the right choice: factors to consider.

Choosing a trout fishing rod inevitably requires a few important notions to guide your thinking in the right direction. The technique you choose will dictate certain directions.

The length of the rod should be one of the first points to take into account. You won't fish the same type of river with a long or short rod. Whatever the technique, the general principle is to choose a shorter rod for small areas and longer models for wide, open streams.

In trout fishing, the action of the rod is also very important, particularly when fishing with specialist trout lures. You'll need to opt for a rather supple blank for spoon fishing to absorb vibrations. On the other hand, you'll benefit from a faster action when fishing with hard bait such as jerkminnow. Carbon fibre makes it possible to have very different and well adapted models.

The quality of the handle is also important. River fishing means you'll regularly have to put your tackle in the water or close to it. This repeated immersion can quickly damage the integrity of poor quality cork.

The weight of a rod for fishing this species can be a deciding factor. Don't forget that some natural bait fishing rods can easily exceed 3m. Having it at arm's length all day can quickly become a burden.

All the technical characteristics are therefore of different importance depending on the technique. Your fishing trips will be a real success if you make the right choices from your first purchase. This will help you understand what you're looking for and what you want to avoid. You'll then be able to choose a trout fishing rod with ease.

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