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Among the best-known fishing techniques, fly fishing is the one that dreams are made of. Often portrayed in the media, it is a technique that requires precision and training to be well executed. To practise this type of fishing, you need the right tackle. In this category you'll find complete fly fishing kits for beginners.

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Which rod power should I choose?

Like all fishing techniques, fly fishing must be practised with the right equipment. You need to choose the right rod, reel and line. 

Unlike most lure fishing rods, fly fishing rods are classified according to the power of the line they can handle. There are rods for silks from 1 to 12 of different lengths. Each size of line (and therefore of rod) corresponds to a type of fly or streamer. 

To start with, we recommend fly rods with 5 to 6 silk. These are versatile rods that allow you to get to grips with both reservoirs and rivers.

How to divide your budget?

The easiest way to choose your fly fishing outfit is to select a ready-made set. If you can't find what you're looking for in the sets offered by the brands, we advise you to keep 60% to 70% of your budget for the rod. 

Unlike casting kits, the reel used with fly rods has no impact on the quality or distance of casts. It is the rod that loads the line using the sawing motion familiar from fly fishing. The reel only acts as a line reservoir.