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If you practice the art of fly fishing, you need to use a very specific reel. Considered the simplest and lightest reel on the market, the fly fishing reel is in fact used as a simple reserve for the fly line. Whether manual, semi-automatic or automatic, fly reels allow you to retrieve the line once it is out, so that it doesn't get tangled up in your feet while you're fishing. Equipped with a powerful progressive drag and a solid structure, fly reels allow anglers to stalk a wide variety of fish including trout, salmon, pike and pike-perch.

There are several sizes of reel for fly fishing and they are all different depending on their capacity. They allow you to load different-sized silks. To make your choice, the first criterion to take into account when choosing a fly reel is that it should be " wide arbor ", meaning that it should be as wide as possible for an optimised and rapid retrieve speed. A wide arbor reel will also give the angler a good reserve for the backing (the filling line placed before the line). Often made from a block of aluminium, the fly reel is light but no less robust. Quality is an important criterion, so you'll find quality fly reels at the best prices with brands like : Snowbee or Greys.

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Fly Reel Okuma SLV

Fly Reel Okuma SLV

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Fly Reel Greys GTS 600

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Fly fishing requires specific equipment and accessories. As with traditional lure fishing, you need a rod, a bait and, above all, a reel. To be effective, the reel must be configured to suit the fishing technique to be used. Find the fly reel you need from our selection here!

Professional quality fly fishing reels

The quality of a fly fishing reel can be recognised by its characteristics: design material, configuration, balance, etc. Most of the fly reels in our catalogue are made from aeronautical aluminium, giving them excellent strength and power. They are designed to be as light as possible to make manoeuvring easy for anglers. What's more, they all come with a highly efficient disc brake system. Some models are reversible, allowing anglers to use them without constraint, whether they are right- or left-handed.

The major brands of fly fishing reels

Greys is one of the best-known fly reel manufacturers on the market today. It offers several ranges of products suitable for both beginners and experienced anglers for intensive use. The GTS series reels (GTS 300, GTS 600, GTS 800) are suitable for all freshwater fishing conditions. They are available in different sizes to suit different needs.

Marryat also offers excellent reels for fly fishers: Snowbee Geo, Snowbee Stealth... This is the brand to turn to for products with excellent saltwater resistance. Their composite brake ensures better balance in use.