Fly box

A successful fly-fishing trip is the fruit of good organisation, true technical mastery and, above all, the use of the right equipment. Among the essential equipment is the fly box, which is very useful for transporting fishing lures. The box must be carefully chosen to transport the flies safely.

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Features of the fly box

Fly fishing requires the use of different types of lures depending on the species of fish being fished. It is common for fly fishers to have around a hundred lures at their disposal.

To transport them, you need a waterproof fly box with several compartments to hold several collections of flies.

Some boxes, such as the waterproof Marryat FOAM 746, can hold up to 126 flies at a time in 12 compartments.

The Marryat FOAM 745 L waterproof box available in our shop can carry up to 930 flies.

Fly fishing

Fly fishing is a fishing technique that is particularly popular with many anglers. To practise it, it's important to have all the equipment you need: rod, fly reel, lures, fishing clothing such as a waistcoat, etc.

Other fishing accessories are also useful for a successful outing: fluorocarbon line, a box for storing waste thread, staples and braid, a magnetic clip for carrying heavy objects, silk for casting to difficult-to-reach spots, etc.