The brand Westinbrand, created by Ingvar Westin, hails from Northern Europe, and more specifically from Denmark, where it is well known among anglers. With an excellent reputation in the Nordic countries, it has excellent expertise in predator fishing, particularly pike fishing with lures.

You'll be able to count on a range of top-quality swimbaits, all at very competitive prices, so you can benefit from both quality and efficiency. Some models set the standard, such as the duck imitation or the rog imitation. Even more popular models such as the Swim, a jerkbait that swims without animation, offers you not just one size, but more than 8 variations for searching for pike.

You can also rely on a range of hybrid lures. The head of a swimming fish and the supple body ensure diverse and complementary interests. From natural colours to the flashiest, , or .

You can also turn to soft lures, with something to tempt pike-perch or perch. Here, too, a number of names are already popular, including , , and for vertical fishing.

The entire brand will benefit from an impeccable finish, accurate and tested settings and quality hooks that will stand the test of time.

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Swimming fish Westin

For pike fishing, Westin swimming fish are a very interesting alternative. The range includes some top-quality models that have made a major contribution to the brand's reputation throughout Europe. We're going to take a look at a few references in this field.

Danny the duck, although not the most popular, is a swimming fish that won't leave you unmoved. This little duck imitation will give you a strange feeling, torn between the excitement of the novelty and the tenderness that can be reserved for this kind of duckling. It helped democratise the brand in France a few years ago.

The Swim is the brand's basic model. This jerkbait comes in a variety of sizes, targeting both perch and pike. It has the huge advantage of swimming on its own, with no need to jerk it. As a result, you won't need to change your rod for these practices.

The range also includes the . Still little known to anglers today, it too comes in several sizes. It is widely used in northern Europe in long lengths for fishing at trolling, but its crank versions are excellent allies for casting back on a large number of predators.

Other more extravagant but no less effective lures also exist. One that comes to mind is Freddy the Frog, with its multiple joints enabling it to swim in an ultra-realistic way.

Hybrid lures

These were an integral part of the brand's presentation in France. Mike the pike gave anglers an easy way to get a feel for the brand. An imitation of a pike in several sizes, it can be used to catch pike as well as large perch.

Other lures have followed with various imitations. These include Percy the Perch, Tommy the Trout and Ricky the Roach. So many models to suit so many different approaches to predator fishing.

The concept is to offer a hard front section of the lure, often where the hooks are located, while offering a soft tail section. This provides a perfect combination of strength and a more natural swimming action.

Soft lures Westin

Here too, the brand offers everything you need to find predators on soft bait westin. With a very wide range on offer, you'll be delighted to be able to count on a variety of colours, shapes and actions that will give you a huge range of possibilities.

One of the brand's best-known and basic lures, the Westin Shad Teez will appeal to the widest possible range of anglers. Simple to put into action and immediately effective, it's available in sizes from 7cm to over 27cm.

The soft bait Ricky the roach will be a great companion for both perch and zander. You'll be able to rely on its tight swimming action to flush out these fish in a wide range of conditions. The large mounted sizes will also be very appreciated when searching for pike.

The Slim and Mega teez will be very effective partners for pelagic and vertical fishing. Don't hesitate to use the 20 and 23cm sizes to flush out the biggest fish.

Many other small nuggets are available for your research. The Ring series with its ringed body comes to mind, as do the Stanley The Stickleback stickleback imitation, the Shad Teez Slim which is thinner than the basic model, and a growing evening of hollow models which offer new opportunities for wider, more flexible action.

Clothes and bags Westin

These are an integral part of the brand's range. With exemplary finishes, innovative fabrics and top-of-the-range materials, you won't feel you're buying the wrong thing - and that's clearly the strength of Westin accessories.

The style is also there for all the clothing and the practical aspect is respected for all the luggage or bags, making it much easier for you to do everything you need to do at the water's edge or at home.