Rig Black Cat Silent Combi Rig
  • Rig Black Cat Silent Combi Rig
  • Rig Black Cat Silent Combi Rig

Black Cat Rig Black Cat Silent Combi Rig

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New for 2022: Silent Combi Rig from Black Cat, 2m long, fitted with two treble hooks 8/0 and 2/0.



Developed by the famous angler Stefan Seuß,the Silent Combi Rig from the brand Black Cat ready to use, this rig is just waiting to be connected to your line body and fitted with a sinker of the weight of your choice.

The Silent Combi Rig is ideal for presenting livebaits and other natural baits just above the bottom in heavily fished waters. Fitted with a weight sinker and a light, unobtrusive float, you can either position your livebait where the catfish swim and hunt. It comes with 2 hooks: a treble hook and a single hook in sizes 2/0 and 8/0 for setting your livebait; the single hook at the front, at head level, and the treble hook at the rear, at tail level.

  • Durable and reliable
  • Efficient and ready to use

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