Threads, hooks and leaders for catfish fishing

Looking for the best catfish fishing accessories? Here's a selection of the most effective accessories to help you catch catfish in lakes, rivers and streams.

Find the best fishing lines for stalking catfish, both discreet and robust. Also choose a reinforced, abrasion-resistant leader if you're fishing close to rocks.

And select the best single, double or treble hooks for maximum effectiveness. See also our selection of soft lures and wobbling spoons for catfish fishing.


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Catfish have the distinction of being the largest freshwater fish in Europe. They can grow up to 2.5 metres long and weigh several dozen kilos in the right conditions. To catch these rather quiet predators, you need a specific catfish rig made up of robust, high-performance accessories.

Catfish rig accessories

To catch catfish in a lake or river, you need a rig made up of :

  • Wires or braids
  • Floats
  • Weights
  • Mounts
  • Equipment for leaders
  • Swivels and staples
  • Hooks

The wires or braids used for catfish fishing must be strong. That's why we only offer braids with an 8-strand weave. They are available in a choice of diameters.

Catfish hooks, meanwhile, are made from quality metal that can withstand considerable pressure (up to 100 kg for some). They also benefit from a special treatment that reduces their magnetic field to maximise the chances of a catch.

Other catfish rigging accessories

Other accessories are also useful for catfish rigs. These include sleeves, cable ties, scissors, beads (to prevent weights from breaking prematurely) and sheaths to attach to hook shanks. You may also needsplits rings, sockets for crimping, balls to hold underwater floats and rubber tubes to protect knots and hooks. All the major brands of catfish fishing accessories are represented in our catalogue: Madcat Spro , Black Cat, VMC, Fox Rage Cat, Owner, Powerline..

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