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Braid and split ring scissors Daiwa D'Braid

Daiwa Braid and split ring scissors Daiwa D'Braid


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New for 2022: The D'Braid braiding and split ring scissors from Daiwa.

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This D'Braid tool from Daiwa is a combination of braiding scissors and split ring pliers. Ideal for your rigs, this 2-in-1 tool fits in a pocket handkerchief thanks to its compact 11.5cm size. You'll be able to take it with you to the water to quickly reassemble a line, change lures or cut off excess knots.

with 2 tools in 1, you'll save space and weight in your bag and be able to fit other lures or accessories you need for your fishing.
To make sure you always have it to hand, these pliers have a split ring so you can attach them to your rucksack or lanyard.

The Daiwa special braid scissors feature finely serrated blades for clean, precise cuts on all your leaders.

Compact, sharp and always to hand, D'Braid's braid and split ring scissors are sure to please.

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