Catfish rod, power and strength

Catfish fishing is a particularly demanding technique. It requires quality tackle that is ready to tackle a very powerful fish. A catfish rod must be capable of towing fish weighing several dozen kilos.

Depending on the techniques used, you'll need to make choices from our selection, both in terms of size and power range. You'll find different models for fireball and buoy fishing for catfish in rivers.

Fishing from the shore or from a boat also has its particularities. You'll need to choose a specific rod to enable you to cope with powerful rushes and keep your line intact.

Both casting and spinning models can be used for stalking. Particular attention should be paid to the handle, which should be comfortable and strong. The rings and reel seat are also important.

A brand like Black Cat will be able to offer you all its expertise and help you catch a fish over 2 metres long. Madcat will not be outdone, offering you a German standard and a range of different colours to help you find your way around.

Fox Cat will also be a competitor of choice, thanks in particular to its widely-recognised expertise in carp. Other makes and models can also meet the most demanding requirements.

Once equipped, don't hesitate to head to the water's edge one morning to quickly wet your nylon, and realise that you could have a kayak if you wanted.

Casting rods models

This model of catfish casting rod allows you to install a casting reel on it. This will allow you to practice certain techniques more than others.

A catfish casting rod is designed for use with a buoy. Stronger and with no need for casting, you'll be able to rely on a very tough unit, capable of taking on a fish weighing dozens of kilos or more.

A bit like a winch, you'll be able to count on large capacities of thick braid to restrain the animal only at the best moment. The only drawback is that these models are not designed for casting. So you'll need a boat to put your rigs on.

The vertical technique can also be used for casting. This makes it easy to fish with one hand and do something else with the other. The sturdiness of these models will also be put to the test.

You'll be opting for a more compact overall size. This won't stop you from being able to tackle record-breaking catfish even though you've opted for lighter tackle.

Some lure anglers also use these rods. They are better suited to fishing with large lures. But beware, even if certain reels can do the job, they will quickly tire if you use them in these rather extreme conditions.

Spinning rods for catfish

Of course, you can turn to spinning rods for catfish. They have several undeniable advantages. These include weight, but also the ability to cast far.

The casting technique will be much more effective with this type of equipment. It makes it easy to cast far and get down into the pools as required. From the shore, it should be the angler's choice.

The sets will be lighter and less tiring to use. This will not prevent you from taking on rushes over several dozen metres and always responding, despite arms that may become stiff.

Spinning can also be used to track catfish from the shore. One of the main advantages will be the ability to cast far, especially with the long lengths offered by manufacturers.

This gives you the opportunity to avoid the hassle of a small boat or kayak and still reach the spot you're after. Navigating the river current isn't always easy, so you can buy yourself some peace and quiet.

All the other techniques can be done with a spinning rod. It's important to note that manufacturers have been quite clever. Almost all series are capable of supporting one or other technique. The reel seat is versatile and the guides are designed for this purpose.

All that's left for you to do is choose your tackle from the top brands we offer, and quickly grab hold of the handle to take out your first big fish.

The best rods for catfish fishing

To be perfectly honest, there is no such thing as the best rods. Some stand out for their versatility or, on the contrary, for their specialisation in a particular technique. Buoy, Fireball, Teaser, lure... so many possibilities that can put the notion of the best product into perspective.

On the other hand, some major brands stand out from the crowd, so you can be sure of making a coherent choice. Fox Cat is a prime example. With its experience of carp, the brand has developed a relatively limited range, but one that is ultimately in line with what anglers are looking for.

The same applies to Black Cat. They are real specialists on the subject, and you'll find everything you need to fish for this mysterious species.... Nylon, leaders, floats. There are three broad ranges on offer.

You'll find entry-level products to help you discover the technique, mid-range products and top-of-the-range products. In general, all the techniques are available to suit everyone, whatever their budget.

Finally, Madcat has pushed the envelope and modernised the practice a little. It has brought colour, but also novelty. The famous metre has become a measuring mat. Octopuses have become state-of-the-art creations, and equipment is becoming lighter and lighter to increase comfort without neglecting power.

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