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Casting reel Shimano SLX DC 71

Shimano fishing Casting reel Shimano SLX DC 71

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€215.84 €194.25

Casting SLX DC 71 reel from Shimano, available in three models for predator fishing.

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Combinations Reference Size Weight Ratio Recovery Brake Price Quantity
Casting reel Shimano SLX DC 71

Reference : SLXDC71HGA

Size : 71 HG
Weight : 200g
Ratio : 7.2:1
Recovery : 75cm
Brake : 5kg


71 HG





€215.84 €194.25
Casting reel Shimano SLX DC 71

Reference : SLXDC71XGA

Size : 71 XG
Weight : 200g
Ratio : 8.2:1
Recovery : 85cm
Brake : 5kg


71 XG





€215.84 €194.25
Casting reel Shimano SLX DC 71

Reference : SLXDC71A

Size : 71
Weight : 200g
Ratio : 6.3:1
Recovery : 65cm
Brake : 5kg







€215.84 €194.25


The SLX DC is one of the flagship models in the highly popular SLX series from Shimano. Renowned for its value for money and ease of use, this SLX DC model benefits from the I-DC4 Digital Control casting system, which automatically optimises casting performance over a wide range of lines, conditions and casting techniques.

Compact, flexible and offering impressive value for money, the SLX DC incorporates the SHIMANO DC system, allowing you to effortlessly cast all types of lure. It retains all the qualities of the original models and enhances them with the I-DC4 digital control system. This technology can be set to one of 4 modes to maximise casting performance while reducing wigging and other problems.

This size 71 will prove perfect for casting light lures.

Details of the I-DC4 digital control modes:

  • Mode 1 designed to achieve maximum distance (less magnetic braking).
  • Mode 2 designed specifically for fishing with braid.
  • Mode 3 for fishing with fluorocarbon.
  • Mode 4 offers maximum control (the greatest amount of magnetic braking) for applications such as skipping. Once set, the on-board microcomputer, which powers itself by generating its own electricity, does all the work, leaving you to concentrate on aiming and casting.

As with all SLX models, the aluminium HAGANE frame creates a perfect body for the precision gearing and the aluminium S3D spool reduces vibration during casting and retrieval. The SLX DC is hard to beat when you're looking for an affordable casting reel.

  • Advanced I-DC4 digital control for trouble-free casting
  • Lightweight aluminium HAGANE body for strength
  • S3D spool to reduce vibration when casting
  • Easy-to-adjust star drag for confident fishing

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