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Lure Smith Troutin Surger

Smith Lure Smith Troutin Surger

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Troutin Surger swimfish lure from Smith, available in 3 sizes and 11 different colours.

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Combinations Reference Size Colours Price Quantity
Lure Smith Troutin Surger

Reference : LDLP-4063-14104

Size : 8cm - 13g
Colours : 04


8cm - 13g


€16.50 €14.85
Lure Smith Troutin Surger

Reference : LDLP-4063-24081

Size : 6cm - 6g
Colours : 04


6cm - 6g


€15.75 €14.18


ThisTroutin Surger lure without bib from Smith is very dense, concentrating its weighted section on a flat belly .This makes the lure oscillate with a rolling action when released. Very effective on trout in large rivers. When used for twitching and stop and go action, the target predators will turn on the lure with a vengeance.

Originally designed for trout, this lure is just as effective on sea bass, Spanish mackerel in the Mediterranean and perch in freshwater. This true versatility has won it the favour of many anglers who follow it wherever they go.


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