Abu Garcia Svartzonker McMio Junior 20cm Lure

Abu Garcia Abu Garcia Svartzonker McMio Junior 20cm Lure

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The Abu Garcia Svartzonker McMio Junior lure is 20cm long and weighs 22g.

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Abu Garcia Svartzonker McMio Junior 20cm Lure

Reference : 1406989

Colours : Blue Silver


Blue Silver



The McMio Junior has a very attractive rolling action. This hybrid swimfish is very popular in the world of competition. It's easy to use, casts very well and catches a wide range of fish. It weighs 22 g. Its body is 6 cm long and 20 cm with the tail. It doesn't require any special equipment, so you can use it with your usual tackle. The McMio Junior can be used on both flexible and rigid leaders. It sinks slowly and can be used to fish in depths of between 0.5 m and 1 m depending on the retrieve speed.

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0.5 to 1m


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