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Svartzonker Sweden MC Rubber Shad

Svartzonker Sweden Svartzonker Sweden MC Rubber Shad

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€11.58 €10.42

MC Rubber Shad lure from Svartzonker Sweden, available in 3 sizes from 17cm to 29cm.

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Combinations Reference Length colours Price Quantity
Svartzonker Sweden MC Rubber Shad

Reference : LDLP-5415-25153

Length : 23cm
colours : C19 Black N' Chartreuse



C19 Black N' Chartreuse

€11.58 €10.42
Svartzonker Sweden MC Rubber Shad

Reference : LDLP-5415-35303

Length : 23cm
colours : C27 - Sik White Fish



C27 - Sik White Fish

€11.58 €10.42


The famous Mc Rubber Shad is finally available in France. Specially designed for pike, in a material that is both tough and supple, the Mc Rubber Shad is one of those lures you can't go wrong with. The Shad version differs from the normal version in that it has a much slimmer body and a wider tail. MC Rubber Shads are designed to be leaded with a jig head or screw in lip. Armed in this way, they sink faster and are more effective at finding breakers, drop-offs and deeper areas. Pike and catfish fishing will seem a little easier with this type of lure.

  • 17cm : Par 3 - 29g
  • 23cm : Par 2 - 60g
  • 29cm - Par 2 - 110g


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