Wobbling spoon Illex T-Grovel

Illex Wobbling spoon Illex T-Grovel

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T-Grovel undulating pillow from Illex, available in 5 different colours and 3 weights.

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Combinations Reference Weight Colours Price Quantity
Wobbling spoon Illex T-Grovel

Reference : LDLP-6435-33241

Weight : 2g
Colours : Green Fantomas



Green Fantomas



This T-Grovel wobbling spoon from Illex has a thick yet compact body. The head has been designed with a curved shape to keep it upright and prevent it from stalling even during slow action. The body of this spoon is shaped like a V for a very discreet descent so as not to arouse the suspicion of the most difficult trout. Available in 3 different weights, this spoon is ideal for deep water fishing as well as for fishing on riffles during low water periods.

  • 1,7g - Hook 10 - Size 20mm
  • 2g - Hook 10 - Size 20mm
  • 2,8g - Hook 8 - Size 26mm


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