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Casting Reel Daiwa PR100

Daiwa Casting Reel Daiwa PR100

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New for 2022 : The PR100 casting reel from Daiwa, with 6kg of brake and a ratio of 6.3.1.

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Combinations Reference Weight Ratio Recovery Brake Price Quantity
Casting Reel Daiwa PR100

Reference : PR100L

Weight : 190g
Ratio : 6.3:1
Recovery : 65cm
Brake : 6kg






€59.00 €53.10


Getting started in casting can be an ordeal for some anglers, but a real pleasure for others! The key? Perseverance, good equipment and practice. To achieve this, the PR100 casting reel from Daiwa is excellent.

It's one of the cheapest reels on the market, yet it's far from being the least good. Starting out in casting with a poor quality reel will only put you off this fishing technique. That's why Daiwa has come up with a very affordable reel that retains all the essential qualities of a casting reel.

The PR100 from Daiwa has a ratio of 6.3.1 for a retrieve per crank handle of 65cm. As a result, this is a versatile reel with which you can fish and cast a wide range of lures. Its 6kg drag will take on some very decent fish.

What's more, it's easy to hold thanks to its compact size and light weight. It's also fitted with a Magforce magnetic drag for controlled, accurate casts with ease.

  • MagForce magnetic casting brake
  • Bearings: 3 + 1
  • Composite frame
  • Aluminium spool
  • 90 mm aluminium double crank handle with perforations

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