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Soft Bait Fish Arrow Air Bag Minnow 8,6cm

Fish Arrow Soft Bait Fish Arrow Air Bag Minnow 8,6cm

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Air Bag Minnow soft bait from Fish Arrow, 8.6cm long and weighing 3.2g.

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Soft Bait Fish Arrow Air Bag Minnow 8,6cm

Reference : LDLP-3961-13529

Colours : 06



€9.89 €7.91


An unusual new product with a surprising shape! At first glance, the AIR BAG MINNOW looks like a small sandeel or eel, but it's not the shape that will interest fish the most. This lure swims beautifully, twisting and coming to life at the slightest touch. Its secret lies in its hollow body full of air which gives it suppleness and buoyancy. Unlike the Flash J range, this lure has no holographic foil, but its transparency allows it to play with light for a perfect mimicry. A drop shot rig is ideal for slow fishing and a small football shaped jig head makes it more lively for fly fishing (or cast and retrieve).

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