Leurre Souple Zoom Lizard 6"

Zoom Soft bait Zoom Lizard 6"

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6" Lizard soft bait from Zoom, 12cm version, 3 colours available, pack of 9.

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Combinations Reference Colours Price Quantity
Soft bait Zoom Lizard 6"

Reference : LDLP-739-2274

Colours : Mossy Pumpkin


Mossy Pumpkin

Soft bait Zoom Lizard 6"

Reference : LDLP-739-2275

Colours : Chartreuse Pepper


Chartreuse Pepper

Soft bait Zoom Lizard 6"

Reference : LDLP-739-2276

Colours : Watermelon Seed


Watermelon Seed

Soft bait Zoom Lizard 6"

Reference : LDLP-739-6492

Colours : Watermelon candy


Watermelon candy



Perfect imitation of a lizard or salamander, approximately 12 cm long. The four legs and tail are in fact represented by commas giving life to this supple lure at the slightest touch. Lizards and other salamanders are prey for many of our predators. Pike, perch and black bass are fond of this lure and won't resist it. All rigs are suitable for this soft bait. However, we prefer natural presentation rigs with little weight.

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