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Soft Bait Fox Rage Snax Tiddler Fast

Fox Rage Soft Bait Fox Rage Snax Tiddler Fast

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Snax Tiddler Fast soft bait from Fox Rage, available in 3 lengths and sold individually.

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Combinations Reference Length Colour Price Quantity
Soft Bait Fox Rage Snax Tiddler Fast

Reference : NSL1424

Length : 12cm
Colour : Lemon Tiger Red Tail



Lemon Tiger Red Tail

€1.25 €1.12


The Tiddler Fast seriously impressed the anglers in our pro team during the development phase. This long, slender, soft bait has a disproportionate tail that characterises its swimming action and makes it so attractive. Equally at home jigging or drop-shotting, this is one of the most versatile lures on the market. One of the things that impressed our anglers the most about this shad was its ability to produce bites when no other lure had been able to provoke a reaction from predators. This factor gave them great confidence in this lure from the outset.

  • Refined profile with oversized tail
  • The most versatile lure available, adaptable to any approach
  • Contains natural fish oil for added attraction
  • Available in sizes 18cm and 12cm
  • Available in 5 attractive colours Fish Snax Micro Tiddler Fast & Slow - The Tiddler series also includes the Micro Tiddler Fast and Slow. These small 5cm LS have been designed specifically for drop shot and micro jigging on small predators. Unlike the Fast tail, which is designed to move strongly, the Slow has a long needle-shaped tail which produces a minimalist movement when twitching, ideal when predators are not very active.
  • Perfect for drop shotting and micro jigging
  • Contains natural fish oil for added attraction


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